Yoga for Back Care

This class focuses on teaching poses that address back issues by increasing strength and flexibility for the whole body. You will learn how to practice yoga poses safely for your individual back condition.

While all students are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes before class to relax and settle in, if you are new to yoga or this class, please arrive 15 minutes before class to consult with me about your back issues. 

"After a bike accident and bad previous yoga experience, I approached Richardson's class with fear and trepidation. Instead, I found Rosie to have the knowledge of a master, the empathy required for a beginner, and the calm confidence to encourage my practice and shepherd its progress. Rosie was willing to read doctor's notes and has become the critical component to my healing and rehab. Each week, no matter how I feel before, I always feel significantly better and my body nourished for having attended her class." — Ben L.